Word on the Street

"Khiem is a genuine support worker who understands what it takes to help me achieve goals and goes above and beyond the calling card because he cares to see me reach my aspirations and new heights. Khiem has heart and soul and he is interest in providing the right assistance I need in day to day tasks. Khiem is definitely passionate and I believe he can help a lot of people achieve great things. Khiem has a warm personality and he is glad to be a part of new beginnings."

L. Guy

"Khiem has been a great buddy for our son who lacks of social skills. He is flexible and is able to accommodate to any of our son's needs. He has a very positive attitude, very punctual and always communicates throughout. We are very lucky to have him to look after our son. It's also very hard to trust anyone and hard to find hardworking people like Khiem."

S. Doughty

"Khiem was great with my 15 year old son. He is caring and communicative and had a nice rapport which my son enjoyed. We would love to have Khiem on board again in the future."

L. Goulding

"Great guy, put my mind at ease, always prompted me "do you need to go bathroom", "are you ok?","If you don't feel like staying here, we can go here/there". Very polite and caring, feel happy that i can talk and be understood. MY needs were met, wasn't overwhelmed from background noise or large crowds. I feel much happier that i met khiem, i now have a support person closer to my age that i can get help from and i fully trust. :)"

N. Markou

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