Linking Visions recognise the importance of independent advocacy as its effectiveness is vital to ensure the rights of people with disability are safeguarded.

Linking Visions invites the participation of advocates in all areas of services we provide. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Meetings

  • Complaints and disputes

  • Reviews


Linking Visions aim to support the best interests of the participant and protect people with disability from abuse and neglect. Current and future clients of Linking Visions, families of the participants, and Linking Visions employees should:

  • Understand their rights;

  • Be aware of what constitutes abuse, assault and neglect;

  • Be aware of signs and indicators of abuse and neglect, and

  • Report any suspicion or incidents immediately

We do not take allegations lightly. Any allegations reported will be dealt with immediately in a sensitive and confidential manner to ensure the victim does not face further harm.

Furthermore, we will include offers of medical, psychological and legal assistance to ensure the victim is taken care of appropriately. Any allegations made, may be reported to the National Disability Service Abuse and Neglect Hotline (Phone: 1800 8800 052), and the New South Wales Police Force (Phone: 000).


Linking Visions understand the sensitivity of each participant’s case; hence we are committed to protecting and upholding the right to privacy and dignity of the participants.
With your consent, we will only disclose information with the appropriate people i.e. the participant themselves, and their immediate family.
We ask people who we support to give us permission to record only information we require to perform our duties in supporting you.
Linking Visions is committed to ensuring confidentiality of all personal and sensitive information that is collected and recorded in our system.
Only authorised access is allowed access to your information. We do not share your personal records and information without your consent.
Personal and sensitive information of people who have contact and deal with Linking Visions will be protected by our confidentiality and privacy policies. We are committed to safeguarding your sensitive information.
Collection, retaining, and disposal of all personal information will be conducted in a manner that maintains the confidentiality of each person that we deal with.
Linking Visions employees are required to read and sign a confidentiality agreement before commencement, to protect the rights of each participant.


Linking Visions encourage anyone that contacts and deal with Linking Visions to be respectful and professional. We are committed to ensuring a safe, supportive, and hard-working work environment is established within Linking Visions. We have a certain level of standard that must be met by each team member of Linking Visions. We do not tolerate:

  • bullying,

  • harassment,

  • racism,

  • sexism, or

  • any other kind of abuse of that nature.

Each Linking Visions employee is briefed and given a work contract consisting of the Code of Conduct to sign. All employees are required to read and sign a Code of Conduct Form upon commencement to the organisation. Any breach of the Code of Conduct may result in immediate termination of the employee’s position.

The Code of Conduct is created to protect each worker in the work environment, but also, the participants they’re supporting. Hence, it’s important each employee understand the standard that is expected. We advise all employees to use their common sense, appropriate judgement, and ethical compass when working with each participant and co-worker/s.

Employees of Linking Visions have an ongoing responsibility to comply with organisational Workplace Health and Safety policies and procedures, Legislated Acts and regulations and to adhere to safe work practice.


Linking Visions understand the vulnerability of each client; hence we maximise the safety of people with a disability by also ensuring each worker has undergone a National Police Check and can also obtain and hold a Working with Children Check.

We advise all Linking Visions team members to be up to date with the National Police Check and Working with Children Check once it expires. Working without the appropriate safety measures may lead to termination of role.


Duty of Care

Linking Visions’ Duty of Care is to always act morally and ethically in ensuring and maintaining each client and staff member’s safety and wellbeing is a top priority. It is our responsibility to ensure the work environment, including homes are hazard-free and potential risks are minimal. We will not provide our services where duty of care to clients and/or team member is compromised.

Every support worker on the Linking Visions team has a moral and legal obligation to the person they’re supporting, and the people within the community they’re working in. Failing their duty of care can be due to committing irresponsible acts or failure to act. We advise team members to understand their role and duty of care when out in the work environment.

Dignity of Risk

Linking Visions believe each client have the right to make an informed decision. Our stance is always to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the participant. We believe each client should experience life and take advantage of opportunities to develop an understanding of life and build skills to work towards independence. This could mean, taking a calculated risk. Linking Visions and the team will uphold our duty of care and responsibility to each client to ensure the client’s goals can be met securely. Advice and any form of concerns will be expressed if certain goals are viewed as too dangerous.

We understand some clients have requests that are considered ‘calculated risks’. However, we respect your decision to build your independence, and we support your rights to your own choices. Thus, we encourage you to be part of the decision-making process as we believe in being the least restrictive and intrusive in someone’s life. We believe in giving you the spotlight and Linking Visions and our team will support you as best as we can to warrant your safety.

Either you and/or your representative can be part of the decision-making process. When assisting you during the decision-making process, we will ensure you understand the meaning of all the options presented. We will also try to provide as much information as possible. It is part of our belief to maintain as transparent as possible and honest. Our team will discuss with you any risk that you may face as a result of the decision made. Any concerns, please immediately contact our team.

Linking Visions believe in independence and aiding you make your own decisions. We’re here to empower you and make sure your voice is heard.


Linking Visions encourage all types of feedback because this will help us improve our service delivery. Everyone has the right to provide comments and complaints because we want to ensure your voices are heard. We encourage recommendations and complaints. Any grievances are encouraged to be discuss with a team member of Linking Visions. We believe in making an effort to resolve any complaints in a quick and sensitive manner to ensure your concerns are met. We want you to feel comfortable approaching us without any fear of retribution or discrimination.
Your complaints will remain confidential throughout the whole process. All our contact details will be provided to you. If you do not feel comfortable talking to your support worker, please contact higher management. We take all complaints seriously. Dependent on the serious nature of the complaint, an investigation will be conducted, and law enforcement may be contacted.
If you feel a complaint has not been adequately addressed, then contact us to find out other avenues/agencies you can contact.


Occupational Health and Safety of the client and worker is important to Linking Visions. We aim to ensure the working environment is safe for both the client and worker at all time. Any incidents must be reported immediately. Linking Visions aim to minimise incidents from occurring by keeping documentation of reported incidents, reviewing and resolving the incidents. We want to ensure the safety of wellbeing of all clients.

An incident can be considered as an injury; person’s safety jeopardised or at risk, or person is distressed.

We encourage team members to be vigilant and aware of the surroundings and clients. If any incident is of concern, he/she will:

  • Act immediately

  • Ensure the client and your self (team member) are safe

  • Inform manager as soon as possible

  • If incident is serious, consider dialling 000 for emergency services

  • Complete an Incident Report form within 24-36 hours after the incident

All Incident Reports will be documented and reviewed to allow us to continuously review our practices to ensure our deliveries and work environment are safe, and workers are up to date on how to act and respond to incidents occurring.


Linking Visions’ follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of all clients and staff members. We advise staff to report to management and the Client Service Coordinator if there is a potential risk posed to themselves or the client during the action of completing a task/service.
Our risk management strategy is to identify, evaluate and resolve any potential risk posed to our team members and/or clients. We aim to use documented reports to continually improve our practices to prevent any future risks. Our risk management strategy is to conduct yearly risk assessments. The is the potential of conducting an immediate risk assessment once a hazard as been reported.
Depending on where services are performed, risk assessments will be conducted and presented to the Client Service Coordinator to ensure potential risk for staff and client are addressed and resolved.
We believe in addressing the concerns of potential risk to ensure the environment is safe for all parties. Evaluation of the identified risk will allow us to determine whether actions need to be taken out to remove the risk.


Maintaining the privacy of all our clients are important to Linking Visions; hence we enforce the privacy laws to guarantee all personal records are secure. Only relevant information of each client will be utilised within meetings of the specific client to ensure their needs are met.
If clients request specific material, it will be provided. Contact administration to access your personal information. A record of your access is kept to ensure requests were made on the client’s behalf.
Disposal of personal information is carried out appropriately.
Our clients can request any type of information that is relevant to them, and what may be disposed. They have the right to request access to their own records. If it’s required, please contact administration to access your personal information.


Linking Visions’ goal is to provide a high-quality service to meet the needs of the participant. We have a quality assurance process established to ensure are services meet the expectations of the client and their representative. We pride ourselves on our efficient and reliable services; therefore, we continuously aim to improve.

We encourage clients to provide recommendations and feedback on our services. This will allow us to take into consideration the participant’s concern and improve our services to ensure they are satisfied. Linking Visions also support team members to provide feedback and recommendations on how services can be improved, how management can deal with situations better, and in some cases, what clients specifically require. We understand some clients have certain demands and preferences that they may confide in certain support workers. If the participant consents to the worker sharing the feedback to us, we ensure it remains confidential and their recommendation is evaluated.

Part of our strategy to continuously improvement involves use of qualitative and quantitative feedback from both clients and their representatives, and support workers. To be able to continually improve and acquire maximum results, we must also ensure our procedures are efficient and adequate.

Linking Visions is committed to providing the highest quality services possible and guaranteeing everyone is safe and comfortable.

Our plan includes:

  • Providing a reliable and efficient service;

  • Apply our quality assurance system to achieve consistent improvement

  • Ensure the best outcomes are consistent results

  • Ensure improvements are evident to our clients and team

  • Comply with Commonwealth and State Legislation


Linking Visions believe in creating and maintaining a safe work environment for its staff and clients. We are committed to utilising the highest level of standards to ensure all parties feel safe and comfortable.
We will work with the clients to guarantee the homes are safe for staff to work diligently and efficiently to meet the needs of the clients. It our responsibility to ensure the staff members do not work in hazardous conditions during their support of clients.
We will achieve and maintain a professional level of standard to minimise and prevent any breaches of the workplace health and safety for all parties.