Our Background

Linking Visions represents us connecting people's goals with our vision of empowering people with disabilities to be greater than the stories written for them. We are determined in helping those that require support. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.

We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means a well-organised business and exceptional services.

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Kids with Capes



After graduating university, I was looking for social work positions and landed a role as a support worker. It was challenging and rewarding and made me want to continuously pursue support work because I felt I positively influenced the youths I worked with during each session. I was able to see them come out from the darkness, and progress towards a much brighter space. There is no denying the experience was tough because the amount of verbal and physical abuse was at times, difficult to deal with, but I overcame a lot of those moments and worked hard to build myself to be the positive role model they needed.

I've always believed in helping others, and mainly those that are in dire need of assistance. This is one of the core reasons behind creating my business, 'Linking Visions'. I'm passionate about helping those that are struggling; hence I coined the motto, "Ambitions Become ACHIEVEMENTS".

Another passion I share with most people is my love for animals, so it's a joy when I work with people whom live with pets and treat them as family. 

Being an advocate of training and sports, I spend a lot of my downtime training at the gym, watching or playing basketball, or watching MMA (mixed martial arts) and boxing. Hence, I wanted to incorporate an exercise and personal training services to those wanting to make a change in their lifestyle or just want to try something new. 

Also, because of my love for gaming and sports, I can easily connect with the youth. Simple interests with many of the people I have work with has made my job easier because having common hobbies allow chemistry to build relatively easier, rather than me just showing up and working for them.

Running ‘Linking Visions’ is my new career choice, and I hope it can become ‘something’. I'm determined to make it stand for something positive, where people can learn and be supported properly. Embarking on this journey starts with me instilling my values of loyalty, honesty, and hard work into my team, and the people I work with in the community.

- Khiem